On Trails: An Exploration – Robert Moor

My brother gifted this book to us as he knows we are avid hikers. This fascinating read explores a universal question that most hikers arrive at after spending enough time outdoors: how and why do trails form? It also touches on the subject of trail quality, looking at the history of human and animal trails and analyzing the choices made in their development. I found this particular topic quite captivating, given my time spent outdoors in the winter where I’ve been faced with blank canvases of snow and the decision on how to form my own trail.

While the book’s story begins with an exploration of concrete, physical trails used by humans and animals, Moor consistently weaves in complex, philosophical discussions of how trails relate to the human experience, particularly as the discussion of trails moves towards more abstract concepts such as information trails.

This is a highly recommended read for anyone has spent time exploring outdoor trails.